Following are examples of client experiences with Manask & Associates services:

Art Museums

Manask & Associates provided hands on, client tailored professional guidance that enabled the Dallas Museum of Art to select a foodservice operator that met our specific requirements. The whole process was handled efficiently and effectively and at a fair and reasonable cost.

Dallas Museum of Art
- Jeffrey R. Guy, Former CFO

When we decided to change the contractual arrangement with our food services provider, Manask & Associates proved to be an outstanding resource. Their knowledge of best practices, benchmarking information from similar institutions, and advice on critical contract elements proved invaluable in restructuring our contract and improving our overall approach to events and food services.

Detroit Institute of Arts
- Loren N. Lau, Former VP & CFO

I've viewed Manask & Associates as an extension of my business planning team for nearly 20 years. From food service RFP's and contract negotiations, to event business development planning and retail operation analysis, Art Manask and his crew have provided detailed data that was crucial to our decision making process.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
- Melody Kanschat, Former President

There's an art to improving income. We discovered that when we worked with Manask & Associates. With their guidance we exhibited more than beautiful paintings. We exhibited an improved bottom line.

Norton Museum of Art
- Jane M. Pangborn, Former Director of Administration

We wanted our new art facility to offer the very best food and beverage services. Working within a short timeframe, Manask & Associates really delivered.

Tampa Museum of Art, Inc
- John P. Wren, Former Chief Operating Officer

“Thank you for your many years of consulting support at the Museum through several food service providers. Your prospective clients know you well through your reputation and experience, or through the referral by someone who has worked with you in the past. I hope you will feel free to include me in your client list; I am willing and available to speak as a positive reference on your behalf.”

Saint Louis Art Museum
- Carl G. Hamm, Former Deputy Director Development and External Affairs

Government Agencies

The State Preservation Board is a better focused, more productive food service and retail operation because of its relationship with Manask and Associates. It has been a great partnership that I know will continue to produce great results in the future.

Texas State Preservation Board
- John Sneed, Former Executive Director

Other Museums

Manask & Associates gave us exactly what we needed -- a thoughtful, thorough look at our rentals and food service operations. The new options they brought to the table not only increased our revenue but helped us to better serve our visitors.

Autry National Center
- Luke Swetland, Former VP and Chief Operating Officer

When you're serving hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, the quality and financial results of your foodservice are equally important. Manask & Associates helped immensely in both these areas.

Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal
- Douglass W. McDonald, President & CEO

Manask & Associates played a critical role in helping the Tampa Bay History Center form a partnership with the famed Columbia Restaurant, a partnership that has contributed greatly to our institution's success. The Manask team guided us through every step of the process, ensuring that we understood both challenges and opportunities museums like ours face when establishing a food service operation. Their knowledge and experience was invaluable.

Tampa Bay History Center
- C.J. Roberts, President & CEO

One of our financially troubled historic sites had an unacceptable hospitality business arrangement. Manask & Associates conducted a detailed evaluation of our market and candidate caterers and, thereafter, set forth a clear business plan that is now being implemented.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
- Kenneth R. Woodcock, Trustee

Performing Arts

When we were looking for the very best caterers and a cafe operator, Manask & Associates provided a wonderful selection of candidates. In theater, team effort is everything and having Manask & Associates as part of our team resulted in a first-class performance.

Arena Stage
- Edgar Dobie, Managing Director

Working with Manask & Associates really works. And it works fast. Within a year their expert advice helped us in so many areas. Earned income, capital investment and foodservice contract negotiation. It's easy to see why Manask & Associates is number one in its field.

- Welz Kauffman, President & CEO

Science Museums

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help this past year. We couldn’t have negotiated the contract without you. I appreciate your dedication and ownership in taking such great care of your clients. I hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Thank you again for all that you have done!

Perot Museum of Nature & Science
- Linda Murdock, Director of Sales

If there's a science to showing a museum how to increase its profits, Manask & Associates has discovered it. With their help we successfully renegotiated our foodservice contract and watched financial performance improve. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Great Lakes Science Center
- Dr. Linda Abraham-Silver, Former President & CEO

Helping us reinvent our cafe was no small task. But Manask & Associates did just that. Our cafe is a new source of pride and is earning more revenue than ever.

McWane Science Center
- Tim Ritchie, President and CEO

Manask & Associates promptly and professionally guided us through a highly competitive process involving financial return and capital investment terms. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a first-rate consulting firm.

Orlando Science Center
- John Mallozzi, VP of Finance & CFO

With regards to selection of our foodservice and retail partners, Manask and Associates helped us every step of the way – from the RFPs, to the interviews, selections and contracts, and last but not least, to the positive financial considerations our institution will benefit from for years to come. The opportunity to build a brand new world class museum is exciting, and we are convinced that our foodservice and retail offerings will delight future visitors as much as our exhibits and educational programming.

Perot Museum of Nature & Science
- Jennifer Houston, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Zoos & Aquariums

We wanted our foodservice and our gift shop concessions to be best among zoos and produce the best income possible. We also wanted to improve our concessions with concessionaire capital investment. Manask & Associates helped accomplish our goals.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
- Steve H. Taylor, Former Director

It was a pleasure working with Manask & Associates. Their expert guidance through the entire process helped us improve our concessions and retail operations.

Detroit Zoological Society
- Ida B. Tomlin, Former Chief Operating Officer

I can't say enough about the expertise of Manask & Associates. Their direction of our new foodservices produced amazing results, higher earned income than we could have achieved on our own. Our working relationship -- if you'll pardon the pun -- went swimmingly.

Seattle Aquarium Society
- Robert W. Davidson, CEO

We finished a large number of complex internal departmental reports in a short period of time thanks to your IT consulting services. Not only did we save time and funds (which translates to improving our bottom line), we expanded the pool of users that will benefit from these new reports. Accessing our attendance history and projections of the future would not be possible without these vital reports. You were exceptionally kind and accommodating in meeting, and in some instances exceeding, our goals. Our accomplishments are not simply attributable to “genius” leadership or hard-working employees, but rather prospered only because we found some great partners like you who gave us great professional support along the way.

Seattle Aquarium Society
- Robert W. Davidson, CEO