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A Restaurant Turnaround: From Crash to Cash. "Seven Steps to Stopping the Crash: 1) Realizing a problem exists. 2) Getting help as soon as possible. 3) Setting up priorities to correct the problem(s). 4) Instituting change – communications (internal and external). 5) Staff involvement and empowerment. 6) Measuring the results. 7) Sharing the success."
Read more of the case study A Restaurant Turnaround: From Crash to Cash originally presented by Manask & Associates principal Don Avalier

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Working with Manask & Associates really works. And it works fast. Within a year their expert advice helped us in so many areas. It's easy to see why Manask & Associates is number one in its field.
Ravinia Festival
Welz Kauffman, President & CEO

Your firm was brought in to aid the University in two very difficult and complex contractual projects and delivered finished contracts which will save the University millions of dollars over the coming decade. Throughout this lengthy process the University received laurels and accolades about how professional, disciplined, and fair this process was under your leadership.
University of Central Missouri
Betty J. Roberts, Vice President, Administration and Finance

In the recent past, we hired Don to lead us through a full kitchen remodel at North Ranch Country Club. Don’s innovative ideas helped transform a thirty-five year old kitchen with multiple operational challenges into a very functional modern kitchen.
North Ranch Country Club-Westlake Village, CA
Greg Davis CCM, General Manager

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